Travel Compositor launches MO: The last mile app for all its customers

Travel Compositor in partnership with MOGU, the winner of TravelC start up’s 2022 competition and strategic investor, has developed this last mile application.

The more than 2 million annual travelers who currently reserve their vacations or business trips through operators, travel agencies and OTAS, who use the TravelC reservation engines will enjoy this application.

From now on all reservation flow confirmation pages, as well as emails and PDFs, users will find a banner that contains a QR code with which they can download the App either from the App Store or the Play Store.

Among the most outstanding features of this application, in addition to finding all the documentation, the itinerary and travel vouchers plus any documentation that the operator wants to upload to the traveler, they will access the offer of last-mile services, where passengers can add additional services from the end of the reservation process to the last day of the trip. In this way, the sale of Travel Composer clients will never end, as travelers will be able to continue acquiring services in destination from their mobile phone. Therefore, it will increase the average ticket per reservation and the benefits of the agencies since the system in the case of B2B sales keeps the commission for the agencies and later informs via email of the purchases made by the traveler in destination.

Another outstanding feature of MO are the flight alerts, which indicate to the passenger possible delays, the check-in counter, the boarding gate and even the tape number to pick up the equipment upon landing. There will also be alerts on transfer services, the possibility to link the location of the reserved hotel to google maps or call them to reconfirm the reservation. In addition, the application is itself an assistant to the traveler since both the operator and the traveler will be able to interact through a chat, having all the communication centralized through a single channel.

With MO, the operators will also accompany their clients from the beginning of the trip to the end without effort, thanks to the automatic notifications that the App has programmed, which will make them differentiate themselves from the competition and have a much more loyal client.

Travel Compositor has decided to implement for free the application to all its clients who have installed their multi-cross-selling engines known as MBOX, as it is the tool that will allow the application to offer the sale of additional services, that has planned a road map of the expansion of the services offered today such as activities, transfers, events and rent a car to reach mobility services at destination, concert tickets and theater. You can even buy hotels to rest or for a day break by the hour.

Finally, from September this application will have an optional module for use with groups and with different roles for the operator, the accompanying guide and the travelers, which will be of enormous utility and incorporate more than 12 specific functionalities. This module is counting on its completion with the collaboration and advice of prominent operators of European groups who are already clients of Travel Compositor.

As is usual for these days, TravelC launches an exceptional gift for its clients in summer, coinciding with its anniversary, this time the eighth, and where it takes a first big step to position itself as an exclusive technology also for the last mile of the traveler and the product chosen has been MO After 8 years the company still takes into account its three main focuses “Our customers who are the heart, the constant innovation that is our soul and a system that always works like a brain”. And now also during the journey