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Welcome to the TravelSoft Group's window to the world.

We are proud to present a conglomerate of leading companies that have transformed the travel industry. At the TravelSoft Group, we are committed to delivering innovative, customised solutions that redefine the way we experience travel.

The Travelsoft Group, specialising in software for the travel industry, consists of three companies that complement each other in addressing the industry's key concerns: production and booking automation on the one hand, and marketing cost efficiency and the use of data on the other.

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Group companies:

Travel Compositor

Travel Compositor is an innovative company at the forefront of the travel and tourism industry, standing out for its unique approach and ability to transform the traveller experience. Founded with a vision to simplify and personalise the travel planning process, the company has established itself as an industry leader through its end-to-end platform and commitment to excellence.
At the heart of Travel Compositor's proposition is an advanced technology platform that integrates all phases of travel, from initial inspiration to return home. This holistic approach enables users to plan their itineraries efficiently, providing them with access to a wide range of services and personalised options. The company stands out for its ability to simplify the complexity of the planning process, making travel planning an intuitive and enjoyable experience.


The travel industry is changing and facing new challenges: the automation of the distribution of all types of products through multiple channels, the need for increasing customization, the need for market responsiveness, more and more dynamic pricing, new approaches to customer relationships, internationalization of players, security management, need to reconcile contents and sales process… At the core of the systems of the main travel operators, Orchestra accompanies and anticipates the stakes of the industry.
Published in SaaS mode, the Orchestra leisure platform is constantly evolving to meet the needs of its market, placing agility and flexibility at the centre of its development and decision-making processes. Based on JAVA technology, our solution supports the development of major travel agencies.


We are one of the leading companies for travel technology since 1999 and are among the pioneers of the digital travel industry worldwide. We stand for innovative as well as customer-oriented development of consulting, search and booking systems for tourism. Our users include more than 6,000 travel agencies as well as renowned travel portals, airlines, hotels and travel suppliers with more than 1.3 billion euros in mediated travel sales each year. Our continuous work on innovations and new inventions has enabled us to win a number of awards in the past and set sustainable standards throughout the industry. traffics is co-founder and initiator of the industry association for the Open Tourism Data Standard (OTDS) - we are also active in committees of the German Travel Association (DRV), the Travel Industry Club (TIC), the Verband Internet Reisevertrieb e.V. (VIR) and the Federal Association of German Startups. Our headquarters are located in Berlin-Mitte, in the heart of Germany's up-and-coming capital city.


INFORM. Every day, our media are committed to informing, monitoring, comparing, anticipating and influencing markets in the general interest of tourism, by putting people at the heart of our project. FEDERATE. By bringing together the industry and its partners in high-quality events, we complement our social networking, on and offline advertising, virtual meetings and targeted mail campaigns by offering networking opportunities that create strong links between professionals. In this way, we combine journalism, innovation, technology, social issues, services and human relations. PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE. We have had a CSR approach since our creation; we were the very first to raise awareness among professionals about respect for the environment, for responsible travel that respects others, through our own convictions and by listening to everyone. So we're part of a project for the future, because the ongoing transformation of tourism can only be achieved by bringing together the talents, energies, creativity and commitment of the entire industry, which we share.