Travel Compositor merges with Travelsoft

Travel compositor merges with France’s Orchestra and Germany’s Traffics in the Travelsoft holding company, in pursuit of world leadership in SaaS 4 Travel.

Nine months after the acquisition of Traffics in Germany, Travel Compositor, the reference platform in the Southern European and LATAM markets, joins with Orchestra in the holding Travelsoft, leader in SaaS/Travel in Europe. Travelsoft will now be the holding company that owns 100% of the 3 companies. Christian Sabbagh, founder and president of Travelsoft, remains the majority shareholder of Travelsoft alongside the two founders of Travel Compositor, Manuel Aragonés and Vicente Rosselló, and the two founders of Traffics, Salim Sahi and Jens Muskewitz. Founded in 2014 by Manuel Aragonés and Vicente Rosselló, the Travel Compositor platform quickly established itself in Southern European markets, thanks to the holistic approach of its booking engines, especially the one known as “Multi Destination” and its constant innovation.

After an excellent year in 2022, its growth prospects are very solid in its historical markets in continental Europe, but also in emerging markets, particularly in Latin America and Asia. Its stakes in the start-ups MOGU and Top Group Express are also transferred to Travelsoft.

The investors who participated in Travel Compositor’s single round in 2016: Caixa Capital Risk, Inspirit (Didac Lee), Hotusa Ventures and Venture Cap II will pay 100% and multiply their investment by between 12 and 15 depending on the results of the next few years, as part of the payment will be deferred.

Each of the Travelsoft Group’s structures will retain a high degree of autonomy and will implement the synergies that make the most sense for their markets.

Travelsoft will now automate bookings for more than 5 billion euros in annual turnover through more than 300 tour operators in connectivity with 600 suppliers in more than 40 countries, mainly in Europe and the Americas. Travelsoft, which has more than 200 employees with expertise in travel tech, has today an investment capacity of more than 5 million euros per year in R&D. With this second acquisition in less than 12 months, Travelsoft becomes the natural technology consolidator in its sector on a global scale. Even so, the company is already considering more possible acquisitions in the future.

For Manuel Aragonés, co-founder of Travel Compositor: “We are very excited to join such a global project to continue to outperform the competition in technical terms and further dominate the market with our ever-growing business. Less than 9 years after the creation of Travel Compositor, we are entering an exciting new phase of accelerating our growth in Europe, Latin America and Asia”.

For Vicente Rosselló, co-founder of Travel Compositor: “I see significant potential for synergies and new developments between the various Travelsoft Group platforms, particularly in terms of direct connectivity with airlines and hotels and in various innovations to come.”

For Christian Sabbagh: “We share with Manuel and Vicente an entrepreneurial culture that facilitated this approach. facilitated this rapprochement. This is a new step in Travelsoft’s strategy to serve its clients in all geographies with customers in all geographies with platforms adapted to each ecosystem and sharing best practices. best practices. The need for booking platforms is growing and we will be responding even better by hosting Travel Compositor. even better by hosting Travel Compositor in our holding company.”

This transaction that has lasted more than five months was made possible thanks in particular to the teams of Cambon Partners, Ennea Capital Partners, the firm PGA and the invaluable assistance of all the following stakeholders: For the acquirer: Travelsoft (Christian Sabbagh, Nathalie Eveleigh) For the sellers: Travel Compositor (Manuel Aragonés, Vicente Rosselló, Miguel Ángel Garoz) M&A advisors to the acquirers: Cambon Partners (Morgann Lesné, Min Liu, Maxime Wuthrich, Simon Bozec) M&A advisors to the sellers: Ennea Capital Partners (Simon Schiller, Jan-Frederik Valentin, Karla Pons, Francesco Terragni) Corporate counsel to the acquirers: Piotraut Giné Avocats (Raphaël Piotraut, Myriam Zendjebil) Acquirer Financial and Tax DD: E&Y (Adolfo Becerril De La Fuente, Borja Suárez, Adrián Rincón Gutiérrez) Legal Acquirer DD: Cuatrecasas (José Luis Gaudier, Xavier Morera, Isabel Gandoy, Juan Cervantes)

About Travel Compositor:
Founded in 2014 in Palma, Travel Compositor is the only truly holistic system to.
create, quote, book and sell travel through any channel, saving users 90% of the time of quoting and managing trips.
% of time from quoting and managing travel. Travel Compositor provides omni-channel travel
omni-channel travel management and booking systems, allowing travel players and retailers in general to sell their own travel services and sell their own and third-party travel services seamlessly on a global scale. As As a strategic value-add, Travel Compositor also acts as a consolidator of many of the services integrated in its platform and acts as a integrated services on its platform and act as a business generator with its clients.

About Travelsoft:
Founded in 2000, Travelsoft specializes in publishing software dedicated to the travel industry
and addresses the main concerns of its industry: automation of production and booking, on the one hand, and the on the one hand, and profitability, marketing and data mining on the other. The company is present in 15 countries through fully integrated platforms in each of the national ecosystems.
national ecosystems. Synergies between the platforms cover, in particular, global connections with airlines and hotels. with airlines and hotels.

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