Travel Compositor launches AI Trips

AI Trips is a Travel Booking engine that revolutionizes trip planning and booking with artificial intelligence.

At an event held in Cancun on June 14, the European technology company, part of the Travel Soft holding company, announced the launch of a revolutionary travel booking engine, designed to transform the travel planning and booking experience by using intelligence technology state-of-the-art artificial

This innovative platform is designed to make it easier for travelers to inspire, search and book their trips in a faster, more efficient and personalized way than ever before and in a single session and with just four clicks.

How this Travel Reservation Engine, called AI Trips, works from a single question from the user. For example: “I want to take a trip on Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles”

The system will propose suggestions and take you from the chosen one to the reservation of the desired trip, using artificial intelligence, automatic learning, exclusive processes for transforming text into travel proposals and a dozen different flows during the reservation depending on the chosen trip.

Based on the user’s question for any type of trip, the system suggests the trips that best suit their needs and desires, the user chooses and the system takes them to one of the various reservation flows, where they will find the transportation chosen. and land services, by algorithms, allowing you to modify them or add all kinds of auxiliary services such as activities or rent a car, and from there, it leads you to save the quote or go to payment and reservation.

The platform, which uses 12 different technologies, has been developed by a team of experts in AI, UX and Travel, who have dedicated tireless efforts to create an innovative and user-oriented solution.

With AI Trips, users will be able to plan and book their desired trip in just four clicks. The platform simplifies the entire process, eliminating the common complexities and frustrations associated with searching for a trip idea and the subsequent search for Transportation, accommodation and ground activities where it even offers last-mile mobility. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Travel AI quickly analyzes a wide range of travel options and presents the best personalized recommendations in a matter of seconds.

“We are delighted to introduce AITrips to the market. With this platform, we have achieved even more significant advancement in the way travel agents plan and book their trips. Not only are we saving time and effort for professionals and travelers themselves, but we are we will also provide them with personalized experiences that adapt to their preferences and budget,” said Manuel Aragonés, CEO of Travel Compositor.

In addition to its ability to simplify travel booking, AI Trips also offers a friendly and intuitive user interface. Travelers can explore different destinations, compare flight and hotel options, and make reservations with just a few clicks, from any device with an Internet connection. The engine will continue to evolve monthly like all Travel Compositor products and will learn from user preferences and feedback, ensuring that the recommendations are increasingly accurate and relevant.

AI Trips will be marketed by all Travel Compositor customers who subscribe to this model, and contains hundreds of XML connections within it for more than 12 different tourism, travel and leisure products, which ensures the choice of each Operator, OTA , DMC, Agency Network, etc. A wide and competitive offer of options. Also, it allows travelers to access a wide range of destinations around the world, guaranteeing that they find the best deals for their dream trip.

The launch of AI Trips marks a significant milestone in the travel and AI industry. This innovative platform promises to transform the way people plan and book their trips, providing a more seamless, personalized and satisfying experience.