Changes in the dome of Travel Compositor

The technology company has made important changes in the structure and organization of its top management with the aim of having a much flatter and operational organization chart to face the next five years of growth according to its future plans. 

Among the most important changes we highlight the creation of two new C levels:  a CPO (Chief Product Officer) to which Juan Ignacio del Castillo has been promoted from his position as Product Owner leader and a CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) with the promotion of Celeste Mussetti, former VP Sales of LATAM.  

Also, the simplification of the management structure, the general director positions with that of CEO, has been unified again. 

    These positions were split a year ago because the CEO and cofounder; Manuel Aragonés was very busy in the negotiations with up to 7 companies for the sale of the company and that meant the departure of the initial investors and that concluded with the purchase and merger by the European group Travel soft and of which the founders of Travel C, have become the second shareholders of this holding. 

Once this chapter is closed, Aragonés resumes the general management, so the company has dispensed with Roberto Bermúdez who held this position for 11 months and whom, Travel Compositor, thanks all his dedication and help to the continuous growth of the company. 

 “With this restructuring of our board, we seek to continue growing as a company without internal obstacles, creating a very flat organization chart where all the staff is just one line from the top to maintain fast and flexible decision-making and continuous innovation that has always characterized us. This will allow us to continue to be a scale up with all the ambition ahead to contribute as much as we can in making the Travel soft group, the world leader in SaaS 4 Travel.”  Its CEO has declared: Manuel Aragonés. 

We attach a photo of the new dome of Travel Compositor:

In the top row from left to right: Miguel Ángel Garoz (CFO), Manuel Aragonés (CEO) and Vicente Rosselló (CTO) 

In the bottom row from left to right: Juan Lladó (CDO), Natasha Pujol (CHO), Celeste Mussetti (CCO) and Juan Ignacio del Castillo (CPO). 

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