Travel Compositor opens the door in Brazil thanks to its agreement with BeFly 

After almost a year working on the commercialization of its solutions in Brazil and having signed with several mid-range operators, last week, the Mallorcan technology company managed to sign a long-range agreement with BeFly, the second largest tourism group in this country, to pave several of its brands and some new projects that will be launched at the beginning of next year.

 Travel Compositor will carry out numerous developments to adapt its system to the Brazilian market, including direct integrations of the most used product in this country, such as the two major national airlines: Azul and Gol, or the inclusion of several native providers such as Ezlink, Itaparica, Free Way Rio or Journeys. They are already present on their platform with great success thanks to the sales generated by them, above all, by the more than 70 operators that use Travel C in the American continent.  

 This agreement will also involve other developments such as the integration of Derby soft to give BeFly and other customers access to the direct product of Disney and other international chains, as well as the arrival of options for direct connections with dozens of car rental companies.   

     Marcello Patelli, the head of Travel Compositor in Brazil and the great maker of this agreement, will be responsible for bringing all of BeFly‘s set-ups and launches to fruition based on his extensive knowledge of the country’s tourism industry and his experience in large Tour operators in previous years.  

Travel Compositor is in negotiations with more than a dozen operators, so it expects to carve out a large niche in the market over time and is considering investing in more resources within the country when necessary, although it is already very present on the continent with operational, technical and commercial support teams with its offices in Cancun and a commercial team of 5 people deployed throughout LATAM.  

   In the words of its CEO, Manuel Aragonés: ”Our entry with large clients in the only country that we lacked in LATAM at that level, is a great boost to our quest to become leaders of SaaS 4 Travel, throughout the continent, but we only take it as the next step achieved and a good reason to continue pushing with even more enthusiasm on a day-to-day basis”