Discover the new features of our last version

  • Highlights:
    • The upgrade to premium customer is here on TravelC!
    • Whatsapp Marketing
    • We accelerated the results to 1.5 seconds in the hotel engine flow
  • Front Improvements:
    • New destination landing pages!
    • New cross-selling design!
    • AI Trips: New features and improvements to the engine with Artificial Intelligence.
      1. A better user experience
      2. Higher content quality
      3. New option to advance the flight-free quote
    • What’s new and improved in the accommodation booking engine:
      1. Improvements to the reviews section of the hotel file:
      2. Finding accommodation within a radius, now scrollable!
      3. Videos available in the accommodation sheets!
    • We reflect the technical stops on the flight page!
    • Holiday Packages: Update calendars and prices automatically
    • Display the exchange rate on your home page
    • Inclusion of QR codes on the voucher
    • Holiday Packages: New navigation bar for the mobile version
    • Identify the ”On request” modality in Travel Exchange closed tours
  • Back Office Improvements
    • Changes and Improvements to Support Contact Management
    • Frequent flyer identification number, now available for Travel port/ Galileo!
    • Business Intelligence: What’s New and Improvements
      1. New Provider Reports by Creation Date and Departure Date in Provider net.
      2.Be able to see the detail for each connection
    • API Data: Ability to deactivate users
    • What’s new and improved for the Routing engine:
      1. Show contract transport availability in in-engine offers: Routing.
      2. Allow loading of ferry vehicle availability in Routing
    • Replicator fee: Allow it to be refundable
  • Providers & Integrations: What’s New & Improvements
    • NDC’s TravelC.
    • New Integrated Providers:
    • Improvements with suppliers:
    • Supplier Performance Statistics and Ranking

We are once revolutionising tailor-made plannig

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