Let your system work while you’re sleeping

How your system evolves several times a day so that you don’t stop selling


Until our arrival on the market, all platform installations were very complex and difficult to manage. From time to time the company on duty dared to upload a new version of its system in order to install patches and make changes and improvements. By pure statistics, it was possible and probable that something was wrong, that the origin of the problem was difficult to locate and that, to make matters worse, there was a domino effect in which the least bad solution was to go back to the previous version after the failed system update attempt. Having suffered it in our flesh when we were leading operators before founding Travel Compositor, we were very clear that this would not be the case for our clients, and furthermore, we would make it compatible with our firm purpose for constant innovation.

There had to be some way

It took us some time, we did not invent the wheel, it was enough to work conscientiously on the endeavor. The team worked hard at researching everything that was out there and cleverly combining it with what they learned over the years, and in the end, we got it. The conviction and certainty of finding the solution guided us on the path from theory to practice.


In any improvement process there are some risks that can lead you to fail. Among them, we could make things very complicated or lose focus on the real problem to be solved. We inoculate ourselves against this scenario with a mixture of simplicity and pragmatism. Our solution should be simple, efficient, and improve over time as it is used. At first glance, a simple and very complicated challenge at the same time. We started by simplifying our architecture, the backpack had to be light to go fast. Subsequently, the team collected all the possible use cases that the system would have to face, a kind of stress test for elite athletes that would take the system to its limit. Thousands of tests are executed in a matter of minutes and many more new ones are added every day as the machine learns.

Diligently, the system begins its working day by uploading a new version after the general text. In case of finding the slightest error, the upload to production is canceled so that a member of the team can solve it without delay since the system itself will tell you exactly what happened, where it happened and what to do to try again in an agile and accurate way. . Continuous improvement has made the number of issues practically disappear and if nothing happens, the new version and the old version work simultaneously until the last user working on the old version logs out, after which the new version becomes the only and most updated until the process starts again after just a few hours.

So easy and so hard

Users blissfully unaware of what the system is doing for them continue to work without the slightest incident benefiting from the improvements we implement every day. We ensure that the time elapsed between a client bringing us an improvement or our experts proactively proposing it, is reduced to a minimum, without noise and without problems, making Travel Compositor continue to be the benchmark in the race for constant innovation.

So easy, and at the same time so difficult. And so on, up to a maximum of eight times a day, every day from Monday to Friday, 52 weeks a year, and it’s been eight years since we got the system to evolve several times a day so that you don’t stop selling.

We are once revolutionising tailor-made plannig

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