Tripplanner: Travel Compositor’s new patent that once again revolutionizes tailor-made travel planning  
05 Jun

Tripplanner: Travel Compositor’s new patent that once again revolutionizes tailor-made travel planning  

The new engine of the Mallorcan technology company, with totally new flows and designs and which groups 4 engines in one and allows you to mix all types of trips in a single session, marks a before and after in the industry as a multi-planner of tailor-made trips 

Last Friday, the company announced through its networks, the launch of its twenty-fourth engine, which will allow users of the more than 600 brands that use its technology around the world, to be able to design, quote and book any type of tailor-made trip, adding not only any service in each destination, but combining all types of trips in a single quotation or reservation session. It is the perfect match to combine and create tailor-made trips. 

Tripplanner brings together the main functionalities of the existing TravelC engines: 

 Multi-destination, which allows you to create any trip to various destinations including transport services such as flights, trains, ferries and coach trips  

 Routing, which allows you to create any road trip by adding stopping points and destinations to sleep, including information on mileage, driving hours and connection to Google maps to follow the route and being able to add services such as any previous and subsequent transport, rental cars, hotels and activities.    

Packages, where all kinds of packages are offered, from private circuits and tours with or without extensions, stays in flight plus hotel format or ”city breaks”, etc. Both dynamic and closed or combining fixed and dynamic services. 

 Cruises. With 14 shipping companies already available, plus the possibility of adding transports and any pre- and post-cruise land services. The cruise offer will arrive in the next version of the new engine scheduled for the end of July.    

But Tripplanner  by Travel C is not limited to bringing together and offering availability of all these types of travel in each chosen destination, it also changes the flow of service selection, the design of each results page, the way of adding services and stages to the trip, introduces greater opportunities for available cross-selling and offers a high usability experience.  

In addition, Tripplanner by Travel C includes improvements over the existing engines such as being able to combine two or more packages in one trip, being able to have the rental car for road routes only on the days that it is required, discarding its use, for example, in large cities, the re-quotation and rearrangement of the different stages of the trip in a very simple way or the offer of packages and cruises that leave two days before or after the scheduled date of arrival at the destination, running, in case of choosing any of these, automatically the route and previous services chosen for the trip.  

In the words of its CEO, Manuel Aragonés , “I am super proud of the work done by the Travel Compositor team for this new patent, I think it is the living reflection of our ambition for innovation, for the search and achievement of the most difficult yet, (although always with the maxim of the simpler the better), for continuing to be the ones who mark the way to the future of travel sales,  And of course, with all this, we continue to be leaders in helping our customers succeed, which will always be our mission. “” 

Photo caption: Example of a trip to offer to travellers from outside Europe and that combines three stages: A Circuit through the south of Spain, a road route in Croatia and a final stay in two European cities.   

With the transparency that characterizes Travel Compositor, it has made it available to current and future customers to test the revolutionary tool through its demo platform 

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