Improve your results with Power BI

What is the Business Intelligence module?

The business intelligence module will be available for those users with operator profile. This module can be found in the first tab of the Back Office called "Data" (formerly "bookings"). This module consists of very visual dynamic charts and graphs about the bookings which help you to make strategic decisions for the smooth running of your company.

The use of Business Intelligence in Travel Compositor enables our clients to obtain valuable and detailed information about their business, allowing them to make more informed decisions and improve their profitability. Our platform provides accurate, real-time data on market and customer behavior, operational efficiency and industry trends, helping our clients identify growth opportunities and optimize their business strategy.

With advanced data analytics and customized reporting, customers can evaluate their business performance and make data-driven decisions that enable them to compete effectively in the marketplace. In addition, automating tedious tasks saves time and resources, freeing staff to focus on more critical and strategic tasks.

How does it work?

These tables and graphs are created from the data of the bookings and contracted services registered in your Microsites in the bookings screen.

It is important to emphasize some aspects about the functioning of the module

It is only available for the operator profile.

The tables are updated 4 times a day. If you consult the information of the previous day it will be complete, however, if you consult the information for the same day it is possible that it will not be complete since the information dumps are made progressively during the day.

The information will be displayed with the base currency at operator level, it will not be possible to choose the currency in which to view the tables and graphs. Reports are predefined, they cannot be customized, but filters can be applied to obtain or compare the desired information.

Business Intelligence Filters

  • icon Microsite: If we have more than one microsite we can choose the one we want to display.
  • icon Agency: In this case we will select the agency.
  • icon Trip Type: We will select the type of service.
  • icon Status: We will be able to select the status of the reservation. If we press the "Ctrl" button we will be able to select more than one status at the same time.
  • icon INDEX: This button will take you to the main index.
  • icon Currency: To select the currency.
  • icon The years will be displayed in this bar.

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