Features of our last version 10.4


  • 1. Discover our new TC 4 BUSINESS TRAVEL solution: The revolution for corporate travel and compatible with your Travel C platform for leisure travel 
  • 2. Gift Card arrives at TravelC to continue increasing your sales! 
  • 3. We open the Market place to the incorporation of non-Travel C customers 

Front Improvements 

  • 1. Multiple improvements and additions to Travel C consolidator  
  • 1.1 New TravelC NDCs consolidated providers! 
  • 1.2 Seat selection  
  • 1.3 Login improvements: 
  • 1.4 New consolidated providers: Booking.com and RailEurope Now Available in TravelC!  
  • 2. Visual improvements to packages in the Tripplanner engine 
  • 3. Observations are now displayed in the insurance booking! 

Back Office Improvements. 

  • 1. New ability to restrict countries in Accommodation engine  
  • 2. Improvements to manual repricing!  
  • 3. We now display the supplements on the menu of a reservation! 
  • 4. Rebooking improvements: Giata rooms  
  • 5. Increased paydays in cancellation policies for your contracts! 
  • 6. Replicate settings in bulk on your microsites 
  • 7. All bookings are now displayed regardless of the Microsite  

Suppliers and Integrations: What’s New and Improvements 

  • 1. Expert ticket: Great activity aggregator now available in TravelC! 
  • 2. Best-selling suppliers this month in the Marketplace 
  • 3. New integrated providers: 
  • 4. What’s new with suppliers:  
  • 5. Statistics and ranking of supplier performance. 


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