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Launch a platform that allows all your local providers sale their products in our market place, with promotion, planning, package and travel sales tools ever seen

Since the biggest hotel to the smallest activities providers, all your partners will find a solution to enhance their visability, reduce their costs and increase their incoming.

Travel Compositor

Our benefits

For your DMC

  • 01

    Quotations and bookings of any kind of travel services combinations made in seconds and in one single session

    The frontend’s booking flow is designed to create any combination of services in any itinerary to be sold in just one session. In addition, applying changes is so easy to do by the clients through the digital brochure.

  • 02

    A super intuitive user experience

    TravelC’ B2B and B2C users interface has been designed to convert the complex world of trip quotation, itinerary creation and online sales into an addictive gaming experience with 95% of saving of precedent times for the same work.

  • 03

    Customized with your brand’s look&feel

    We’ll create your website with your logotype, colors and type fonts in order to create a unique booking site just for you as TravelC is a full white brand software.

  • 04

    Upload your own product and share it in TravelC’sMarketplace

    You’ll be able to put your own products such as flights or any other type of transport, closed tours, tickets, hotel availabilities and many more from the backoffice and then, if you want, apply a mark up and sell them through the rest of TravelCompositor clients.

  • 05

    Complete your offer with XML suppliers

    Dozens of Transports (flights, trains and buses), Accomodations(hotels, villas and appartments), Ground Services (Activities, Tickets, Rent a Car and Transfers) suppliers are already integrated. Check our list of current integrations (most of them are free!)

  • 06

    Distribute your products among your partners

    In addition to your first booking website included with the license, you can order at a very low cost as many additional booking websites as you need with your partner’s look & feel.

  • 07

    Sell endless combinations of packages

    With the module of packages you can create any type of combination of dynamic services with fixed ones. In addition, the system will offer your packages with amazing up and cross-selling options.

  • 08

    Shareable digital brochures

    Convert any trip idea into an eye catching digital brochure that can be shared through email, social networks, chat phones…your users can apply changes at their convenience and then proceed to book.

  • 09

    Multiple easy ways of implementation

    By purchasing the license you’ll receive a booking website, this can be your homepage or just part of the booking flow. Ask a brochure with real examples of different ways of implementation.

  • 10

    Full management and monitoring from the BackOffice

    Restrict or prioritize products and suppliers, 100% control of the content displayed on the website, apply commissions and mark ups at many levels, generate analytic reports and many other functionalities designed to boost your sales.

  • 11

    Different access roles at your convenience

    You can have as many users as you need and for your staff you can assign different roles to access to those parts of the backofficethey need for their jobs.

  • 12

    Software as a Service

    The software is 100% cloud based this means that you don’t need to install anything or worry about hosting, backup or maintenance expenses and , since TravelC is constantly growing and improving, you get the new functionalities immediately.

Travel Compositor

Booking Engines at your disposal

All our Booking Engines are conversion friendly with great up and cross-selling options

  • Multi Destination

    The unique system in the world that gives the ability to design single and tailor-made multi-destination trips with all the necessary travel services: multi-flight, multi-hotel, multi-activity, etc.

  • Preferent product

    Sell a very specialized product, such as golf or diving with all the croos-selling of hotels, flights and terrestrial services around the main service.

  • Activities

    All kind of tours, excursions, sports events, theatre, rock concerts experiences, restaurants, etc. More than 200,000 activities from the best providers and local suppliers.

  • Transfers

    The easiest way to book your transfers in more than 4,000 destinations, find everything from share, shuttle, private, executive and luxury content.

  • Flight+Hotel

    All the travel services and needs in one smart session for just one destination trip using opacity prices being more competitive.

  • MultiPack

    An amazing system with exclusive functionalities such as multi-pre and multi-post tours, load packages from third parties in seconds and create your own combinations of fixed and dynamic services.

  • Accomodations

    Offers accommodation services including hotel an rental houses from dozens of integrated bed bank suppliers of your choice. Also contains cross-selling of services like transfers, activities, events, rent a car, etc.

  • Rent a Car

    More than 500 world wide providers special insurance with all extras for each car at disposal.

A white label booking system

with different ways of implementations like:

Include your own product and contracts in our inventories

  • Transports






Choose your connections from

  • 50

    Bed banks

  • 5

    Activity banks

  • 500

    Car rental agencies

  • 9

    Transport aggregators

  • 5


  • 100

    Local suppliers

Manage your product offer

Product priorities per supplier and per booking engine, route, origin, destination, city, hotel .

Add commissions and markups at many levels as you need.

Multi smart mix & product selection

Unlimited Packaging Sistem

Up to 100 services in just one single session

16 different booking engines



Digital Distribution

Sales in all channels and partners sites and generate new business oportunities as you can imagine.

  • B2B
  • B2B2C
  • C2B2C
  • B2C
  • C2C

Full CMS, Business Rules & Operations Control

Reports, Analytics, CRM & ERP integrations

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