Payment gateways


Stripe is an American payment solutions and gateways company founded in 2011. This gateway is available globally and one of its great advantages is that its connection allows the user to save their credit card, generating a token that will be used in your next purchase without us having any risk in our TravelC since the data remains in Stripe.


Bpoint is the payment gateway of the Commbank company. Its implementation supposes the ability to send and receive online and telephone payments. In addition, the tool It can be customized corporately and even integrated as a form of payment in the client's app.

Montevideo COMM

Montevideo is a Uruguayan payment gateway, based in the capital. In addition to being able to accept payments by different means (Banred, Visa, Mastercard, ebrou, Supernet, Abitab, etc.), this platform offers a series of options for personalization, such as sending invoices by email, communication of promotions and information, as well as flexibility to customize the design and adapt it to your own corporate.

Bit Pay

It has been integrated and we have obtained the certification of the new version of this payment gateway that was born in 2011 and that allows you to make payments with cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins and that it is available to connect in any market.

Red System

Redsys generates more value for Financial Institutions, more sales for Shops, more security for Card Users. It is much more than a payment processor, it is the natural partner, for excellence, in the payment industry. It has more than 35 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the sector. No other company treasures more expertise, know-how and dedication to its clients.

Safety Pay

SafetyPay operates the largest network of banks and cash collection points in Latin America, the result of more than 10 years of effort, with a presence in 16 consolidated countries, 380 associated banks and 180,000 collection points. As a multinational financial institution, SafetyPay's mission is to encourage the inclusion of payments to the entire Latin American population, giving access to pay e-commerce businesses and giving opportunity to foreign businesses to make sales beyond their borders.


PayPal is a service that allows you to pay, send money and accept payments without having to enter your financial details continuously. You can pay from a faster and safer way. 250 million people over 200 countries and markets use PayPal. And in 25 currencies. Use encryption technology and fraud prevention 24/7 to protect your information.

Ingenico (Ogone)

Ogone, now known as Ingenico ePayments, was a standout European-wide online payment service provider that was acquired by Ingenico Group in 2013 and merged with GlobalCollect in 2015 to become Ingenico ePayments. The term Ogone is now used to describe the Ingenico platform ePayments, which includes Ingenico Collect, a one-stop payment solution that allows merchants to offer preferred payment methods across different countries, without the inconvenience of having to open multiple bank accounts or create new legal entities. With its Ogone platform and other offerings, Ingenico ePayments goes beyond payments, offering global consulting services on issues such as such as local regulations, regional payment habits and preferences, and fraud and compliance.


Payfort is one of the leading and trusted payment gateways that provides governments, companies, Start-ups, SMEs and institutions innovative payment methods for banked and unbanked online shoppers banked. Helps accept payments online, maximize revenue, and reduce the occurrence of fraud.

Place To Pay

Place to Pay is an electronic payment platform that uses the Service Internal Revenue and processes online transactions generated in the Institutional web portal with the payment methods enabled for this purpose.


Buckaroo Online Payment Services allows you to make payments online, to buy in online stores safely from financial institutions like banks and credit card acquirers around the world. Payment data is also sent blocked according to the SSL standard of internet security. Buckaroo is checked several times a year, to check the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standards.

Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago is the largest online payment platform in Argentina. The tool allows you to charge online through different options: email, social media, website, a mobile app, or a device that you can connect to any phone or tablet. It is a solution that is transforming the way of paying throughout the region, simplifying electronic purchases and facilitating access to promotions and financial services without commissions or extra expenses and without risks of any kind. Thanks to this tool, developed by Mercado Libre, you can perform a payment with credit cards, bank transfer or with a balance that you have in your Mercado Pago account. Works like a virtual wallet that allows you to solve daily payments, avoiding paperwork and saving time.

Santander Elavon

Elavon provides the best payment solutions and environments processing your market. It is the only payment gateway authorized for issuing payments to BSP in Mexico. Thanks to the acquisition of payment solutions company Elavon Mexico, Banco Santander offers this payment gateway aimed at the Latin American market that is already available in TravelC.


The BAC Credomatic Group is one of the main financial holding companies in Central America. Through its affiliate banks it offers financial services, in an extensive network of branches in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. This holding belongs to the Colombian financial group Grupo Aval Actions and Securities with headquarters in Bogotá. In 2013, BAC Credomatic acquired the total shares of Banco Reformer in Guatemala. With this operation, BAC Credomatic is placed in the fourth place of the largest financial institutions in Guatemala, with assets of 16,334.68 million quetzals.


Multibanco is the banking system that "forms part" of the culture Portuguese. The main characteristic of Multibanco is that its users They can carry out all their usual transactions - including withdrawals at ATMs without any commission, regardless of the bank in which they have the account. It has 20 million cards (for just over 10 million Portuguese). This system was born as a response to the nationalization of the banks Portuguese and with the aim of creating a financial cooperative that gather the services of all its members and that it would receive the name of Sociedad Interbancaria de Servicios, forerunner of the current SIBS.


UNICRE is a Portuguese company with more than 45 years of experience in payment and credit markets, currently counting on the commitment of a team of more than 200 employees. Through its UNIBANCO brand, it issues cards with different functionalities, grants credit and offers different insurances associated with the card or freelancers. Through our REDUNIQ brand, it provides solutions to accept payments of various brands - Visa, Vpay, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Diners Club International, UPI, Discover and ELO - and create services that add value to companies in various sectors of activity.


As a subsidiary of Creditreform AG, Boniversum is a member of the Group Creditreform.

Simple Pay

SimplePay is a fast growing software company offering a cloud-based payroll software solution aimed at making the payroll processing is correct and complies with the standards least stressful possible. This system currently helps more than 14,000 companies in South Africa, Singapore, Ireland and Hong Kong to spend less time on payroll and focus on what's important: growing your business.

Realex Payment

Realex Payments is a European payment service provider and a Global Payments division with offices in Dublin and London. The company offers a wide range of payment gateway services and processes transactions that exceed 35,000 million euros per year in name of more than 14,000 customers, including Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone Ireland, AA, AXA Insurance, Paddy Power and Aer Lingus.


With more than 30 years in the market, bancard administers and manages different electronic means of payment. Provides practical solutions to businesses, professionals and workers independent, public and private entities and institutions through digital systems, devices and applications that allow you to process sales, generate profits and provide information, all through platforms safe and internationally certified.

Authorize.Net is an online payment gateway that allows small and midsize online merchants accept credit card payments and electronic checks from websites and deposit funds automatically in your bank account. More than 305,000 merchants trust for payment processing and prevention solutions online fraud.


The SADAD payment system was established by the Monetary Agency of Saudi Arabia (SAMA) to be the national service provider of Electronic Bill Submission and Payment (EBPP) for the Kingdom of Arabia Saudi (KSA). SADAD's primary mandate is to facilitate and expedite final consumer bill payment transactions through all channels of the banks of the Kingdom. It was released on October 3, 2004. It links the commercial sector and local banks, offering the possibility of collect customer payments electronically through all banking channels of the kingdom 24 hours a day.


CyberSource is an e-commerce payment management company with credit card. Customers process payments online, streamline online fraud management and simplify payment security Offer a secure experience and Express Checkout is also one of the CyberSource main functions when hosting and developing a page of payment with tokenization technology. In addition to direct card payment normal, CyberSource supports popular and innovative payment methods, like Visa Checkout.


UniCredit offers its clients local and international experience by provide unparalleled access to industry-leading products and services market in its 14 main markets through its network European banking: Italy, Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania. , Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Turkey. By leveraging an international network of offices and representative branches, UniCredit provides services to clients in other 18 countries of the world.


Sistarbanc has been processing financial institutions since 1981. Guaranteeing responsibility, safety and adequate costs, seeking permanently new businesses and services for your clients, providing the most up-to-date technological infrastructure under standards international quality. Based on these policies, they have developed management systems for means of payment for the processing of the brands Visa, Mastercard, MIDES and the electronic payment platform SPE.


Transbank, born in 1989, is a leading payment gateway in Chile in the management and administration of bank credit and debit cards of the country.


Fundada en 1958, CCV lanzó su primer terminal de pago en 1989 y ha


A new payment gateway widely used in Central Europe.


Leading provider of payment services with a presence in more than 10 countries in Europe and Africa, with world-class payment solutions for every business.

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