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1 Types and uses

Travel compositor uses own and third party cookies to improve navigation, provide the service and obtain website usage statistics

What is a cookie and what does it do?

A cookie is a text file send to the web browser, mobile or tablet used to store and retrieve information of the navigation. For example remembering your user name and password, or the language of the visited web.

Types of cookies?

According who is managing them:

  • Own cookies: sent to you browser from our devices or web domains

  • Third party cookies: sent to your browser from a computer or web domain not handled by us, but handled by other entity like Google.

Regarding the activated period there are:

  • Session Cookies: remaining in the cookies file in your browser till you exit the website, this way none of them stays in your device

  • Persistent Cookies: They remain in your device and our web reads them each time you access. These cookies no longer work after a certain period.

Finally and according the purpose we have:

  • Technical Cookies: They improve the browsing and functionality of the web.

  • Customization Cookies; Allowing access to the service with certain predefined features based in a series of criteria

  • Analysis Cookies: measure and analyze the use of the offered service

  • Cookies used by Travel Compositor:

List of third party cookies used by Travel Compositor:

Google Analytics: Their cookies (_ga,_gat and redirected) allows to count user visits in the web and how and when these visits occur.

In any case, you can disable the Google Analytics cookies from here

Google Maps: Their cookies (NID,OGPC) allow remembering the preferances like level of zoom, and checking how the users uses maps in other webs.

Google: Sus cookies (NID o CONSENT) permiten personalizar cómo se ven anuncios fuera de Google o almacenar información como el idioma preferido a la hora de mostrar resultados de búsqueda.

Youtube: These cookies (NID or CONSENT) allows to customize the adds out of Google or store information like preferred language when showing search results

Doubleclick: Their cookies (IDE e id) allow to improve the eventual adds that may be included and focus the content to be relevant.

Wikimedia: Their cookies (CP and WMF) allow to detect the number of unique that have accessed the contect Their cookie allows to show sample pictures

More information about the cookie type that Google uses in their multiple services

2- How to configure and disable the cookies

You can allow, block or erase the installed cookies in your device from your web browser. If you don’t allow cookie installation from your device, maybe your browsing experience is affected. Bellow you will find how to configure cookies in each web browser:

- Google Chrome

- Mozilla Firefox

- Internet Explorer

- Safari

- Safari Mobile

- Google Android

Cookie alert

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